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novella | 2019 | 50 pages

There are two things this project brings together: namely an old novella, and the tradition of decorated manuscripts. I have always had a fondness for the personality and color of the old marginalia; I think they add much flavor to a book.

Viridis Melodiae is a short story about Vincent and Melody, two friends who have grown up in a most awful home for children. Vincent, the dapper jester; Melody, the morose scholar. This is a faerietale of sorts about their friendship, and an imposition into their lives of something otherly. Both are extremely flawed in different ways. Both become beautiful in their time.

This edition includes the expanded poem as seen in An Apogee, "Ballad of the Wishing Well." The opening of the novella serves the theme: "In the human race, there is something that aspires to be knit with a greater beauty." There is, in all of life, the imprint of the divine hand that causes yearnings; but the imprint itself is insufficient. We hear rumors of the other world so faintly in creation; and we know ours to be insufficient. Certainly Vincent and Melody find it so.


P.S. If you would like the original, plain-text version, you can find it here.