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misc | 2019 | 63 pages

This is a miscellany of collated pieces that are complete, but haven't found a home elsewhere. Mostly they are short essays with regards to theology, but there are some short story pieces. In the great tradition of potluck dinners, I have decided to make a homogenous whole out of pieces, hoping the reader will enjoy an eclectic dining experience. This, then, I dedicate to the great Baptist community from whom I warmly take my heritage.

With regards to content (which I tend to forget in synopses), the essays are one or two-pages short, and a mix of devotional, polemic, and comical. Subjects touched on include general and special revelation, art philosophy, double negatives, divine citizenship, and dogs. The best way, of course, to view them all is to download it below. As always, I welcome your feedback.

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