This is a listing I have put up in order to make this site easier to access on mobile, as I'm aware not all have access (or time) to read PDF documents. This page does not include all my poems, and certainly there is some loss of context where poems were written to complement each other, and so were placed next to each other in the yearly compilations I put together. Also there are no illustrations. But apart from that, I hope this makes reading more accessible. Certainly it feels a bit like the advent of streaming, where songs are no longer in their natural context of narrative in the album, but nonetheless I understand we live busy lives. Yes, I am going kicking and screaming into the next decade.

An Antiphon

A Birthday

A Great Refrain (On Holy Saturday)

And Jimbo Heard the Bugle Call

A Nocturne

A Psalm

As a Brook

A Visit to the City

Birth of the Ruby

Defiance of Arithmetic

It is Finished


My Help Comes From

Return of the Bishop of Myra



Swing Low

Take Me To Church

The Divine Love (I)

The Divine Love (II)

The End of Myself

The Morning Watch

The Waterhouse Ladies

The Witnesses

Two Resurrections


What Isaiah Said

What Peter Said