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visual novel | 2018

Featuring an interwoven plot with multiple lead characters, HD graphics, spontaneous musicals, and an appearance by Friedrich Nietsche as a slice of pizza, this is the visual novel The Curse of Dwight Periwinkle. Set in the so-called town of Lor, this is a comical, satirical, and absurd look at the modern antagonism towards government; and of course an exploration of the virtues of the humble lychee fruit.

Gonna tell you all a story 'bout a man named Dwight
in the town of Lor so raggedy blue
The town of Lor, it ain't got no living man
Oh no, not anymore
Oh! From the highways to the byways we all can't settle down
Ellie was just a child in the blue town blue
born under a black and amber sun
the saloon once spun its wheels; we went charging up the hills
and left her standing there all alone
Oh, gotta sing about the curse of the man: Dwight Periwinkle!

The town of Lor: it was once ruled by a king. Or was it a tyrant? Either way, he's gone away. Or is he coming back? An independent Lor or monarchy? Enter Dwight: a wisecracking layabout. Give him some food, and a membership into the Flanarchy Society (yes, they have flans). What could go wrong? Enter Amy Voight, a reporter decidedly on the side of the king. She's going to say what she thinks regardless, and she thinks the king was a good king, and that he's coming back. Enter Ellie, a (slightly) hyperactive child who doesn't care, and wants lychees. She will find lychees. ALL THE LYCHEES!

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