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graphic poem | 2017 | 184 pages

This is what I have decided to call a graphic poem; something halfway between a poem and a graphic novel. The name literally translates the going out, and comes from the Latin title of the second book of the Pentateuch we call Exodus. It traces the internal spiritual wanderings of a man, and at the same time also looks externally to view that of the world. Taking inspiration from Exodus, the plot begins with the protagonist questioning the divine:

Sunday casts its weathered shadow over the crook
of an empty staff planted in the hillside
upright in a vacant sheepfold of young wheat.
The ghost of the promise weighs heavy in the grass
it blackens with shadow, and with cursed eye
stares vacant out into the wilds.
Progeny of yesterday, and Monday's silver mane.
I sit awake in the fields with an empty page
on a finger of fallen gum riddled with ants,
and seek to solve the implacable mystery
in this volume riddled with age and deceit,
fraternizing the hard scholars of the logos
and critics of the Theos simultaneous.

and follows his disillusionment throughout the week and to its conclusion. The poem is broken up into seven chapters representing days, with each day of the week appropriate to its meaning. Monday opens the week uncertain of who God is, and how to relate to him. Tuesday finds the protagonist exploring a homestead, and expounds upon the anguish of Monday. Wednesday, named after the Teutonic god, refers to violent insanity, and headship. In this, a climax is reached, the protagonist converted, and the homestead looked at from this new perspective. Thursday looks to the end of the earth, and also recalls its beginning. Friday recalls the crucifixion, and Saturday wallows in the disciples' confusion. At last, Sunday comes and dispels the rumors: all is resolved, for Christ is risen; he has "mocked the grave and won."

Please find below a preview, and a link to purchase the poem, which also comes with two free wallpapers. Liber Exodus is high-resolution, full-color, and fully illustrated. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have creating it.

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