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novella | 2016 | 43 pages

It's hard writing blurbs, so I generally don't. On one hand, descriptive blurbs often ruin the freshness of reading a story firsthand; on the other, vagueness causes one to look to the next book. I say this because, as a novella, it's easy to just tell the entire faerietale, but part of the wonder of faerietales is that you do not know what is going to happen. So, bear with me as I attempt to describe this small offering.

Girl who Wrapt the Moon is a faerietale that was more or less born from another of my novels which is currently missing. It is about a child named Amylosa, born into a kingdom not unlike our own. It is another of those stories about finding your way, I suppose, but also about finding something something more than expected. The reason for a child as a protagonist are numerous: it is a picture of innocence, weakness, but also hopefully purity and faith, something desirable for both young and aged.

In faerietales there is the entangling beauty of otherworldliness, but with similarities to our own that make them so relatable. Hence this story is set in the dual worlds of Nod, and Bethany; places of eternal daytime, and eternal nighttime, respectively. It will not be giving too much to say that Amylosa is born into Nod, but her parents had named her Amylosa because it means "the night princess." Also, because she is born into Noddian royalty, this would seem to be almost a prophecy of revolution. In the first chapter, you will read of her birth, her royal parents, and what goes down after she is named.

I hope you enjoy the tale as much as I enjoyed writing it. And I'm always glad to receive mail if you enjoyed it!


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