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album | 2018 | 10 songs

Introducing Bird of Flight, an album I've been working on for quite some time. All but Mountains were written within short space of one another; and I thought, 'I have enough songs to make an album. How hard could that be?'

Very hard.

But here it is at last, and I hope you enjoy it. I think the wonderful thing about an album is that it gives the opportunity to tell a story, and that is what I have done here. Many, many thanks to Aftin Y, Denise Bates, Miriam Berrin, and Ronikka Kendall for giving voice to it. Also, many thanks to Joel Emmanuel Music for help with the numerous technical problems I encountered.

Bird of Flight, I think, is about having eyes fixed on the eternal. It opens with "for ashes are a strange refrain to find a better home," and concludes with "and I will be the leper left alone: finally home." And this is the story I wanted to tell with Bird of Flight: that of having eyes lifted to God. In the middle of the album is the titular track, "Bird of Flight," which I think I got inspiration from that old "some glad morning when this life is o'er, I'll fly away." That's one of those songs that never fails to bring tears to my eyes, and I hope this album, which is very much on that theme, might set your eyes more and more on the greatness which is God alone. Everything else fails one way or another: only God endures; and because of that, those who are with him.

There are a few different subjects in here. Shaela, notably, is about the small happinesses [sp?] in life. Aurora is the song I'm most lyrically proud of, about the entropy of entropy: everything that destroys will be done away with. Blackbird, Bluebird, and Son of Man are testimonial songs in a sense, speaking about three different people reacting to God in different ways.

But I won't say any more. Is this enough for a blurb? I never know how to write blurbs. I always end up writing about the writing process. Is this even a blurb, since it's not a book? If anyone wants to write a better album blurb/summary for this, please contact me! Well, enough talking, more listening!

Blackbird 03:25
Gloria 03:30
Aurora 02:37
Shaela 03:02
Bird of Flight 04:01
Mountains 02:34
Bluebird 04:19
Son of Man 03:10
Finally Home 02:15
[reprise] 01:23

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