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poem | 2017 | 59 pages

This started as a three stanza poem and has grown to something more substantial. I'm not sure how many stanzas it is. I think more than three.

Lilies is more or less a daydream, and musing about humanity. It took me an hour, I think, to come up with the original plot and poem, and then well over a year to finally expand it to tell the whole story I had conceived. Like any writing, getting up the nerve to do the thing is the hardest part. Writing about anything, and especially about something on the cosmic scale like this makes one to realize how little one knows, and how careful one must be to not misrepresent. We are all children looking up at a skyscraper. Nonetheless, this was one of those things I knew had to be done; if not for others, for myself. I hope it will be as helpful to you.

In the current age of glossing up the darkness of Adam, it has always been an immense refreshment to go back to old books and see old preachers preach true thunder. I find them valuable because they valued truth because it was true, not because it was pretty. Today, we value religion when it soothes: thus, we judge facts by the amount of candyfloss they contain. But here is something I have discovered: the awful truth of man's nature provides an incentive to go look for a solution. And, understanding the helplessness of Adam's race precedes an understanding of the necessity of God. In brief, the terrible spectre of depravity precedes the entrance to glory. Such is this story.

The reason for the format of a poem are many: but mainly, it was because I think it is the most appropriate to the original conception, and most helpful to see the subject in a new light. Poetry does that because it does not make straightforward sense, and that is one of its great abilities; to make one think twice about a subject.

But enough rambling. Please find below an excerpt of the poem, and a link to purchase it. I hope you enjoy.

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