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Clarke D. Emervane

Hi there, and thanks first of all for visiting my site. I'm a Christian writer and illustrator who has a passion for fiction. I've always, if I'm to be honest. Although fiction - and Art in general - has the tendency to be sidelined as 'mere entertainment,' I believe it is inherently much more than that. One reason I believe that is that words have power. Not in the sense of us creating ex nihilo, but of carrying meaning. We live and breathe in a great narrative: God's Great Redemption Story, and we communicate, perhaps primarily, through textual means. 'The pen is mightier than the sword,' if you like. I, for one, have known so much edification through the means of fiction: whether Eliot's poetry, or Lewis' novels. They are simply a different vessel for carrying a message, and, because we live in a narrative, I believe there is much we can learn through studying the narratives of others. We live, we breathe: and what we learn, we write about. That's why we write. That's why I write.

Foremost, I believe there is only purpose to writing once one knows God. I say this because without God, there is no purpose. Foremost, and of utmost importance is the knowing of God through Jesus Christ. Without God descending to mankind, there is no hope - for how can man reach the creator of the universe alone? We are evil, and fallen in God's sight. But, once one recognizes the fact of one's uncleanness before God, there is the beauty of Christ's kindness. For we cannot satisfy the infinite anger of an infinite God toward our sin: only the infinite God can. So Christ, who is God become man, was executed at the turn of the century, there taking on the infinite anger of God the Father. Because of this, the guilty can go free. The love of Jesus Christ is then the reason for writing: because we can know his beauty. And, seeing Christ as the creator of worlds, and the savior of the soul: this new worldview unwraps reality for what it is: and there is so much reality to write about.

I write foremost because I have to. I think some call it the 'writer's bug.' There comes a point where my ideas have to come to life, and so they do. But I write also with the aspiration to increase, however small, the fiction that I believe is needed in the Christian world. We all love art, whatever people say, and I think if there was more quality Christian creativity, there might be less looking for it in the paganism of the entertainment world. The Christian worldview is enormously infinite, beautiful and terrifying, comforting and troubling, and demanding all of our minds, hearts, and souls. There is God, who must be proclaimed, and there is modern man, who wholesale rejects reality for a fantasy of his own. I simply think that Christian fiction can be beneficial, because, foremost, it has been beneficial to me.

Oh, but about me. I love narrative, as you may have gathered, and I enjoy telling stories in all forms. I've worked on novels, poems, songs, and more. I've always got one or more projects going, and always more seem to come along. I am a writer because I write. That's me.