Welcome to where I post my personal projects. Frankly I'm unsure how you managed to find this dark corner of the internet, so first of all congratulations. It is my hope that the poetry and prose here may perhaps be of some aid to you in your pilgrimage, as they have been to me in writing them. That was originally the reason for this site. Everything here is currently in a state of meted destruction as I am trying to decide what is worth keeping. I am also trying to make this more mobile-friendly. So to the one visitor the analytics says I have, thank you for visiting, and stay tuned.


Take Me To Church
anthology of 2019/2020 poems now complete. Find it on the projects page.
12 December 2020
Site has been deleted and redesigned to be more green. Awaiting awards for carbon offset.
Quote of the Year
"The art, or general productive and formative energy, of any country, is an exact exponent of its ethical life."
- John Ruskin


So let us all with one accord
assign to infamy the brook
which is much better if ignored,
where like the poet with his book
shall babble on if not forsook.


Here is a listing of all my projects, in alphabetical order. If you're looking for something, it should be here. This includes the poetry anthologies as well as all other prose works.


Papers for your digital walls. There are two classes of people in this world; those who can stand default wallpapers, and those who cannot stand default wallpapers.